Dear Di: Raunch Rookie

Check in with them when you’re getting hot and heavy, ask them what they like, and don’t worry if there are a few awkward moments.

Virginity is only a concept

It’s not a competition, nor is your virginity a status. No one has to justify their sex life. And if the pressure ever gets to be too much, you can always go on exchange to Singapore–they will worship you.
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Dear Di

Dear Di, I’ve recently had sex for the first time. She was very pretty, in shape, and she smelled good. We were going at it for about 30 minutes when she orgasmed for the fourth time. Shortly after that, we ...

Mythbusters: The virginity edition

Let’s pop the proverbial cherry and talk about sex—or rather, the lack of sex. Virginity is a taboo topic that usually gets ignored in university settings, but Statistics Canada has shown 43 per cent of teenage...