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Fun. exceeds expectations and carries on all night

Sabrina Nemis|Fulcrum Staff

Photos courtesy of Marc DesRosiers

TO SAY I was super excited to see fun. at Bluesfest this year is an exaggeration. Despite headlining the July 7 lineup, I suspect they could easily become a pop group we all forget about within five years. If, however, we do remember them in years to come I hope it’s because we, the listeners, recognize that they put on a hell of a show.

At first the audience talked amongst themselves while they patiently waited for those three songs we all know; then front man Nate Ruess challenged the half-engaged crowd to get on his level.

With an enjoyable singing voice and ‘fun.’ tattooed on his arm, Ruess thoroughly enjoys being on stage. He bantered with the crowd and would hold off on each song until their energy came closer to matching his own.


Living up to their slogan, ‘WE ARE FUN.,’ the band never stopped giving it throughout the show. Visibly sweating and completely disregarding the city’s noise by-law, fun. performed an encore that continued well past 11 p.m. even as a large part of the crowd started wandering out of the festival.

If the boys from fun. do end up taking the music world by storm and continue to make music for the masses I hope they hold on to their enthusiasm. There’s just nothing better then watching someone do what they love and fun. is clearly having a blast.