If not simply for Nate Ruess’ incredible range as a vocalist, Aim and Ignite is a fantastic album with a variety of tracks that demonstrate the band’s immense talent. The album has everything from syrupy sweet love ballads like “The Gambler” to “Benson Hedges,” a song that begins with gospel elements that signify Ruess’ love for music more than any religion or deity.

Living up to their slogan, “WE ARE FUN.”, the band never stopped giving it throughout the show, ending with an encore that continued even as a large part of the crowd started wandering out of the festival and towards home. Fun., visibly drenched in sweat, jammed well past 11 p.m., disregarding the city’s noise by-law and focusing solely on their audience.

Where to find free entertainment on campus YOUR YEARS SPENT as an undergraduate student are supposed to be filled with fun and exciting new experiences. Between parties, concerts, and nights on the town, university should be the time of your life. But with rising costs of tuition fees, school supplies, food, and rent, taking advantage …