T-Pain had the crowd signing every word when he performed his classic 2008 song with Flo Rida, Low. Photo: Jean-Luc Ducamp.
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T-Pain, Alexisonfire and The Offspring perform 

If day eight of Bluesfest could be summed up with one word, it would be throwback.

But when we think of the word throwback, another word comes to mind: nostalgia. With performances from Alexisonfire, The Offspring and T-Pain headlining, it was clear to attendees that this was going to be a night to take them back.

The Offspring performed first at the City Stage at 7:30 p.m., proving experience in the music game matters. With Dexter Holland’s lead, the band played the classics The Kids Aren’t Alright and Your Gonna Go Far, Kid. This performance brought out an older crowd, which makes sense because this is a band that has been performing since the 80s. 

While The Offspring gave a subtle and melodic rock performance, Alexisonfire came full-force with electric guitar riffs and fun drums. What stood out was the diverse crowd, packed with a blend of young and old. 

This made the stage very interesting for T-Pain, who performed at the Videotron stage. 

From his opener to his closing song, Pain moved and moved well. Instead of being cliché he decided to mix up his new and old music. 

Everyone expected him to stick with classic proven material but the rapper decided to play new songs from his most recent album 1Up. One track that stood out from his recent project was Getcha Roll On featuring Tory Lanez. 

But we can’t talk about T-Pain without mentioning the classics. The energy was different when he sang I’m I’m ‘N Luv (Wit a Stripper) or the infamous Low featuring Flo-Rida. Everyone erupted singing every lyric of the track without missing a beat. Near the end of his show, his DJ played some rock, which was fitting for this middle age crowd that grew up with that music. 

Day eight did not disappoint and proved that nostalgia will always win.