On June 1, BeaverTails will be celebrating its 40th anniversary with free pastries. Photo: Courtesy of BeaverTails Canada.
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Join the celebration with free BeaverTails on June 1

What’s your favourite flavour of BeaverTails? Is it the classic Maple, or the Cinnamon & Sugar? For CEO and owner, Pino Di Ioia, it’s Chocolate Hazelnut, which he first tried in 1987, 10 years after the Ottawa based company was born.

To celebrate their 40th birthday, BeaverTails will be giving away free pastries from 2-4 p.m. at select stores across Canada on Friday June 1—including their popular Byward Market location.

“The company’s had lots of ups and downs over the years so we’re particularly proud to be at such a strong point in our 40 year history,” Di Ioia shared. “We thought, what better than to give back to Canada and be part of the summer festivities like we always are.”

“We’re all about indulgence,” he added. “In a world that is so fastidiously worried about the health crazes and watching what you eat, we’re not the thing you’re going to have everyday, and we’re proud of it.”

While the company’s brand thrives on nostalgia, Di Ioia also has big plans for the future, including a merchandise line.

“For years a lot of our clients have been asking to literally buy the shirts off our back,” he said,  which is why the company will be introducing new merchandise online on June 22, where loyal customers can purchase T-shirts, hoodies, hats, and aprons, along with the classic plaid flannels which give BeaverTails its Canadian charm.

BeaverTails will also be introducing an augmented menu featuring new flavours of ice cream and desserts in the near future, starting with a limited edition birthday cake flavoured BeaverTail which will be available from June 4 to September 30 at all locations excluding amusement parks, and which comes with a cupcake, sprinkles, and a sparkler.

Di Ioia said he also sees the company growing and hopes to expand from 140 locations to 250 by the end of 2020, with a focus on the United States, so whether you’re Barack Obama, or you’re just travelling for the summer, rest assured that Canada will come with you.