The Club Club
The Club Club's logo. Image: The Club Club/Provided
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Not just another club, a club club

Catch me at the club? At the club club? The club for clubs? Going clubbing? Club sandwiches? No, the University of Ottawa “Club Club”, one of the newest recreational clubs on campus, was created for students who are looking to be a part of any club. Yes, that’s pretty much the only requirement — that you want to be a part of a club.

The Club Club’s mission is to provide a space for students looking to be a part of something. The three main values laid out in the constitution of the Club Club: fun, knowledge, and growth. The club aims to foster an environment where any student, regardless of faculty, interest, or current involvement, can find a space to make friends and network with other students. 

Lukas Redmond, co-founder of the Club Club and current chief executive, is enthused by the prospect of “getting to meet people he wouldn’t normally get to meet,” and he’s excited about the opportunity for other students who are in different disciplines to socialize.  

The Club Club’s first meeting took place on March 24 via Zoom.

“I have always wanted to be a part of a club or at the very least get engaged in some manner and I believe that being a member of this club offers me something to look forward to. I also believe that it will be an excellent opportunity for me to meet a variety of people,” said new member Tiba Abd. 

The first meeting outlined the interests of future members and events they want to see. Discussions of the club’s future are also related to the ongoing pandemic which impacts student gathering and socialization still, two years since the first lockdown. 

Student engagement has taken a hit during the pandemic, with students not knowing how or where to join clubs, feeling isolated, or not wanting another commitment they have to join on Zoom. 

Simon Leonidis, co-founder and current general secretary, said “these past two years have been significantly different than other university years.” 

Leonidis also acknowledged the challenge this presents to meeting new people and making significant friends. Student clubs have had to overcome barriers of low engagement and membership, adapting to new ways to host events, and keeping members interested. 

The Club Club is excited about the future possibilities of hosting meetings in person and getting back to having fun with other people. The club executives are excited about the foundations already put down by the club this semester and look forward to the next school year, as reopening plans in the province point in the hopeful direction of being able to socialize in person again. 

Redmond and Leonidis saw a turnout of over 20 people attending the first meeting and a registration nearing 80. They’re both eager to get more members involved. 

Students who are interested in joining the Club Club can check out their Instagram and sign up to join via the link in their bio.