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The Fashist

FASHION AND FILM have always had a close relationship. Many movies of the past have impacted styles of yesterday and today. Iconic looks have been born on the big screen and influences from these style moments can be found in our closets today. This week’s Fashist outlines some of the most memorable film fashion moments to date.

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (1961)

No list referencing the greatest fashion moments in film would be complete without an ode to Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Audrey Hepburn launched the little black dress into modern-day fashion vocabulary. The opening scene, which features Hepburn eating a pastry wearing an elegant pearl necklace, earrings, and oversized black sunglasses, took the fashion world by storm. Styled by Hubert de Givenchy himself, Hepburn’s character was relatable to girls living on a budget that still wanted to look fantastic.

Annie Hall (1977)

Diane Keaton’s depiction of the quirky Annie Hall as Woody Allen’s love interest may have earned her an Oscar, but the most unforgettable part of this ‘70s classic is the popularization of menswear as womenswear. Throughout the film, Keaton is seen sporting men’s blazers, long and loose trousers, men’s waistcoats, and boots. Also, who can forget the iconic Ralph Lauren tie? After watching Annie Hall, women went out of their way to emulate Keaton’s look, and even today menswear continues to be seen as stylish. Let’s face it: Our “boyfriend jeans” have Annie Hall to thank.

Saturday Night Fever (1977)

Here’s another ‘70s film that influenced fashion. From sound—“Stayin’ Alive” anyone?—to style, this movie is a pop culture staple. Audiences saw a young John Travolta dressed up as the disco-loving Tony Manero, strutting his stuff in bell bottoms, Qiana shirts with butterfly collars, and low-cut shirts. Saturday Night Fever practically encapsulates ‘70s disco culture. Also, who could ever forget Travolta’s black and white suit in the final dance scene?

Resevoir Dogs (1992) 

In another attempt to capture fashionchanging moments in men’s style, Resevoir Dogs had quite an impact. The crime thriller follows a group of criminals hired for a heist that goes horribly wrong. The film, which turned Quentin Tarantino into a household name, is an action movie with style. These criminals had more than just colours as code names in common. Each thief was seen sporting a classic black suit, white button-down shirt, and skinny black tie. This movie made looking suited up different and cool. We can still see its influence on the red carpets today.

—Sofia Hashi