It’s never too late to get involved—check out these artsy clubs this semester. Photo: Rame Abdulkader.
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Students need not go to club fair to get involved this year

On Sept. 6, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) will be hosting a club fair where students hoping to get involved can ask questions and sign up. However, most years, not all clubs are represented and this year may see even less due to SFUO protests taking place the same day.

So, the Fulcrum has prepared a list of five artsy clubs that you can check out once the semester gets started.

The U of O DIY club

Do you like crafts and making things for yourself? If so, then the do-it-yourself club could be for you. According to their website, they offer regular craft nights, workshops, and resources for anyone interested in DIY and crafts. So, if you’re interested in learning how to make your own soap or have ever wanted to try your hand at embroidery, then you may want to check them out.

The U of O English Improv group

If you’re used to thinking on your feet, then you might be a natural at the U of O’s English Improv group. The group, which markets itself as a non-competitive improvisational troupe, hosts weekly improv jam sessions which, according to their website, “are a fantastic opportunity for new improvisers to looking to get their feet wet, and for veteran improvisers looking to hone their skills.”

The People’s Republic of Delicious

For a tasty food-related club, the People’s Republic of Delicious might be the ideal choice for you. The club is a volunteer-based food collective that operates as a food alternative for students—if you like environmental responsibility, veganism, and healthy food, then you’ll fit right in. According to their website, “the People’s Republic of Delicious seeks to create a positive environment and sense of community at the University of Ottawa by involving student volunteers in the cooking, serving and cleaning processes, sharing valuable culinary skills and promoting healthy eating.”

The U of O Salsa club

No dancing skills? No problem! The U of O Salsa club welcomes dancers of all levels—in fact, the club isn’t even limited to salsa. This year, they are promoting other dance forms such as rueda, bachata, and social dancing. With weekly meetings, you could attend workshops, take part in performances or even just enjoy the act of dancing. So, by the end of the semester, you may have a whole new set of cool dance moves.

The Broken Quill Writing society

If dancing isn’t really your thing, but you still want to embrace your creative side, then you might want to try out one of the Broken Quill society’s meetings. This club is a writing society where members attend meetings to create and showcase works. However, this U of O club is not just a medium for generating new ideas, the club’s website also has a list of members contributions where they can expect to be read by larger audiences and given feedback. So, if you’ve ever had any ambitions to start writing fiction as a hobby or in a professional capacity, the Broken Quill society may be a great way to start.

For a full list of clubs offered at the U of O, check out the SFUO’s website.