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The Fulcrum gives you five series to feed your obsession after finishing the Netflix hit

Now that you’ve binge watched every episode of Making a Murderer, most likely in the span of a day, and have exhausted yourself reading every conspiracy theory that the Internet has come up with about what really happened in Manitowoc County back in 2005, it’s time to move on to a new case to obsess over.

Since school is now in full swing, and you don’t have the time that you did over the break to binge watch a show, podcasts are a great alternative that you can listen to between classes and during study breaks. Here is a list of five podcasts to entertain you while we wait for more news on the Steven Avery case. You’re welcome.


Serial, the podcast that took the Internet by storm in Oct. 2014, is currently on its second season. The two seasons focus on different cases, with the first being the most similar to Making a Murderer, as it also concerns a man, Adnan Syed, who may or may not have been wrongfully convicted of murder of his girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999.

The episodes range in length, and are filled with a gripping narrative by journalist and producer Sarah Koenig, as well as interviews with people involved in the case. This podcast will definitely help fill that void Making a Murderer has left, and probably have you up all night reading theories about a different case than the Avery one.


Criminal, although less popular than Serial, it’s equally as interesting. This podcast, which deals with different cases in each episode, covers everything from husbands being (possibly) wrongfully convicted for their wives’ murders, to the creation of counterfeit money. With shorter episodes, most being under 20 minutes, Criminal is perfect for taking a break from readings or walking to and from class.

The Generation Why

The Generation Why is a different type of podcast than Criminal and Serial, but still concerns true crime stories. Aaron and Justin, the hosts of the show, discuss murders, controversies, and a range of other conspiracies related to crime. Their latest episode, coming in at over an hour long, is actually about the Steven Avery case, after many requests from their fans, so it’s a good place to start if you want to test it out.

Sword and Scale

Sword and Scale is similar to Serial and Criminal, with true crime stories, narrated by host Mike Boudet, and featuring a collection of interviews with witnesses, victims, interrogation tapes, and more. The episodes, of which there are 58 and counting, tend to come in at just under an hour, but are worth it if you have the time to invest.

This is Actually Happening

This is Actually Happening is different from the other podcasts on the list, as it deals with a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to, waking up in a morgue, being falsely accused of pedophilia, and oral sex triggering a near death experience.

There are five seasons of under-30-minute episodes, so if you get hooked on the interesting stories of strange experiences people have had, there are more than enough to keep you occupied for a while.

Even though they may not be the same as Making a Murderer, these podcasts are sure to keep you satisfied without the hit series for a while. Well, at least until we find out what really happened to Teresa Halbach.