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How to get involved in the arts on campus

WHETHER YOU PLAY an instrument, or love to sing, act, or dance, if you would like to continue doing so on campus you’ve come to the right school. With musical ensembles and tango classes, the University of Ottawa boasts a variety of options for the artistically inclined.


If you’re a true theatre guru, here’s a project that will have you excited: 24-hour theatre. Once a semester, your fellow theatrically minded students gather for a day-long period of intensive creativity. It consists of writing, rehearsing, and finally performing a one-act play—all within the span of 24 hours.

Do you think better on your feet and would like even less preparation time? Consider joining the Improv Club for evenings of theatrical madness, fun, and hilarity beyond compare.

The Drama Guild and La Comédie des Deux Rives, our university’s theatre companies, also put on shows throughout the year. Check with the Department of Theatre for details or remember to glance periodically at any bulletin board in the theatre buildings—audition notices will be posted there.

If none of these tickle your fancy and you would rather sing, act, and dance all at the same time, consider joining the Musical Theatre Club, which puts on at least one musical every year.


The University of Ottawa Choir and the school’s orchestra hold auditions at the start of every school year for those who have a passion for singing or playing instruments. Various ensembles perform throughout the year and admission is by voluntary contribution. The Faculty of Music also hosts a series of concerts held at Tabaret Hall throughout the school year that students can attend for only $5.


Whether you’ve danced since you could walk or you’ve always feared the dance floor, there is a place for you at the University of Ottawa. With a tango club, a swing club, and even a club dedicated to dancing Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, there is something for everybody.

For novice dancers, the university offers inexpensive classes in all different forms of dance, from ballet to ballroom. Experienced jazz or lyrical dancers have the opportunity to audition for the Gee-Gees dance team, which participates in several competitions each year and also puts on an annual showcase at the Ottawa Little Theatre.

There are no excuses left. No matter what your area of expertise—or lack thereof—somewhere at this university there is a group of people who enjoy your passion just as much as you do. It doesn’t matter if you’d like to learn something new or refine a talent you already have, it’s easy to get artsy at the U of O.

—Jennifer Hurd