“It’s basically a historical piece about the disability rights movement, but it resonates with us—(because) to us, it’s still current. So, in that sense, it’s an ongoing struggle for equality … (and) the piece represents that,” Liz Winkelaar, the director of Spasticus.

The competitive U of O dance club celebrated their 25th anniversary at their annual showcase, held at the Ottawa Little Theatre on March 13. The theme of this year’s showcase was “retrospect”, reflecting upon the team’s evolution over the past 24 years.

Students who regularly pass through the University Centre (UCU) are still reeling from a violent brawl that resulted in more than a dozen injuries.

The roughhousing involved the various groups that normally use the large hallways of the UCU to practise their funky dance moves. Reports vary on what exactly triggered the incident, but several eyewitnesses claim it was caused by a turf dispute.

Gee-Gees dance team heads into competition season Photo credit: Tina Wallace Whether it’s at competitions, showcases, or at halftime, the Gee-Gees dance team represents the garnet and grey just as much as the school’s varsity teams. The team is united not only by their school spirit, but also by their desire to compete, improve their …

“It’s a pretty strict schedule. If I lose time, then I either lose dance time or study time, and my parents won’t accept my school grades to go down,” says Ashley Jeon, a first-year U of O health science student and dancer with Connect Dance.

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