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Shop proves knowledgeable on chocolate-dipped delights

Photo by Marta Kierkus

You know when you walk into a clothing store and the sales associates immediately approach you with what seems to be an endless string of product knowledge? Purdys’ new location in the renovated Rideau Centre Dining Hall proves to patrons that the same can go for chocolate.

I walked up to the counter because my friend wanted to get some ice cream. The associate approached us and my friend gave her order. Next thing I know, two workers are pedalling their chocolate-dipped ice cream bar on us. So naturally, without much product pushing, we got one to share.

Purdy’s offers a vanilla ice cream bar dipped in different types of chocolate. We ended up doing one dip in white chocolate with two dips of milk chocolate on top. They finished it off by rolling it in California crushed almonds. They told us to take a few tastes right away before the chocolate cooled, and then see the difference in taste once the chocolate shell had hardened. Both were different yet equally delicious.

Besides ice cream, you can choose from a variety of different chocolate products. Their vanilla fudge is impressive as well. The staff really knows their line of sweets, but though the knowledge of Purdy’s products is appreciated, the sales tactics are very noticeable and one can feel pressured. In the end though, the most important part of the store, their chocolate, is Purdy darn good—I had to.