Luke Combs at BMI Broadcast Music (June 9)
Luke Combs at BMi Parking Lot Party on June 9. Image: Luke Combs/Facebook.
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If you told me the entire population of Ottawa was at Luke Combs, I would have believed you

Before I really get into reviewing the third night of RBC Bluesfest, we need to make some things clear. 

Firstly, Google says the definition of ‘full’ is “containing or holding as much or many as possible; having no empty space.” 

This exact definition is the only way to describe Lebreton Flats when the sun went down on Saturday night. 

Second piece of important information: I am 5’1 (almost.) 

Why is that relevant? Well, when you’re at a concert that is full and you’re only 5’1, you become wildly familiar with the back of people’s heads. 

And lastly, I feel it would probably be beneficial for Bluesfest to have more beer tents on sold-out nights. 

All that being said, I still had an amazing time on Saturday. 

One of the coolest things about Bluesfest is being introduced to artists you’ve never heard of before, and actually becoming a fan. 

This happened to me with Group Project, a Montreal-based band that played on the River Stage. Their alternative-pop music drew me in pretty quickly, and I’m sure I’ll be adding a couple of their songs to my playlist. 

Venturing back to the mainstage was not easy. With only an hour before the headliner took the stage, people were scrambling to get drinks and find a good spot in the crowd. 

A fun thing to note about Luke Combs concerts is how many people in the crowd could pass as Luke Combs himself, genuinely looking and dressing like him. Everyone else is wearing a plaid flannel or cowboy boots.

Now, I had a decent spot in the crowd — until you factor in my height in comparison to every other human in attendance. 

I want to make two quick positive shoutouts: one to the kind gentleman who kept apologizing and trying to duck down and help me see. The effort was there. And the second goes to everyone who carried someone on their shoulders (thank you.)

A less positive shoutout to anyone carrying a large bag. It’s a concert, what could you possibly have in there? 

Luke Combs has such an inviting presence. It actually felt like we were all just hanging out and singing with this dude, and he just happened to be on stage. 

I was completely drawn in, and I’m sure everyone else was, too. I love when concerts just turn into a giant sing-along. 

I have a feeling that was the busiest night of the festival, but I’m super excited to see what the rest of Bluesfest brings. 


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