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Romantic comedy delivers love without melodrama


About Time stars Rachel McAdams in yet another time-travelling romance. Unlike The Time-Traveler’s Wife, this film brings a semblance of charisma to what could otherwise be a tired storyline.

This is a credit to director Richard Curtis. The Oscar-winning writer and director is known for his romantic gems like Notting Hill, Bridget Jones’s Diary, and Love Actually. He succeeds in bringing his easy humour to his latest rom-com as well.

The heart of the film lies not in the cutesy romance between main characters Mary and Tim, but the poignant father-and-son moments brought to life by Bill Nighy’s brilliant performance as Tim’s dad. The strong male personalities have the effect of overshadowing the female characters, which may leave some filmgoers feeling disgruntled. However, Curtis achieves a juxtaposition of subtle sweetness with life’s harsh realities in a way that is so relatable that it’s possible to overlook some of the film’s snags.

The most beautiful scenes in the movie are the simplest: a downpour on the couple’s wedding day and a flashback memory of father and son skipping stones by the lakeside.

It’s a movie about time, love, and life that delivers genuine emotion without melodrama. While the plot feels a little drawn out and the central love story is undermined by secrets that aren’t disclosed at the end, the film still manages to suck the audience in. About Time ends leaving viewers with the warm fuzzies and an ephemeral appreciation for one’s own extraordinary, yet ordinary life.


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