Atlanta rapper 6lack closed the night on a high note. Photo: Henry du Basty.
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Frvr Friday, Vi give U of O students a taste of a diverse Ottawa music scene

Day two of the Everybody Loves Everybody (ELE) music festival, organized by the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO), was a successful hip-hop night featuring local artists and major names Pusha T and 6lack.

The first performance at ELE festival day two, on Saturday, Sept, 23, was a local hip hop artist named Breeze.  

Frvr Friday, another local rapper, then took the stage, while the audience was still relatively small. The crowd started to take shape around 8 p.m.

Between acts, DJ Fusion kept the crowd on their feet by playing some major hip hop and R&B hits, engaging with the students and keeping the positive vibe going.

Vi, also from the Ottawa area, took the stage at 6:30 p.m., and sang two of her latest songs, “Wait” and “Fool’s Gold.” Vi has been performing at coffee houses since she was in high school, and it wasn’t until a year ago that she started releasing original music.

“It’s really cool playing for university because it’s my demographic, it’s people my age and I guess I can relate to them,” said Vi. “I think we don’t have enough of that.”

After the local rap and hip hop artists, some international performers took the stage, such as French-Moroccan rap duo MMZ. The growing throng of people was wild, chanting and singing along to the alternative hip hop music.

The last performance of the night was American singer-songwriter 6lack. He had a vibrant presence on stage, sharing his passion for performing, saying he “loved seeing everyone’s face in the crowd.” Some hits included “Prblms,” “Worst Luck,” and “Ex Calling,” as well as his recently released song “That Far.”

ELE Fest closed off on Sunday, Sept. 24. Coverage continues online.


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