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Spoilers ahead!

Screaming. Crying.  Any hopes I had for finding true love in this lifetime have been shattered. Anthony Bridgerton has single-handedly set the bar so high that I’m afraid no man will ever be able to reach it. 

If you are someone who is currently on the fence about watching season two of Bridgerton, I encourage you to stop reading and go watch the series in its entirety right now. 

From its beautiful and complex romance to its impeccable South Asian representation, the 1814 social season has left this South Asian girl, staring at her laptop in tears. 

In the last season, viewers saw Anthony as Daphne’s overbearing older brother. Anthony was an obstacle in the romance between Daphne Bridgerton and Duke Simon Bassett. Thus, viewers left season one with a particular distaste for Anthony. (Or maybe that was just me.) 

Luckily, I’m always in favour of a good redemption arc. And season two was most certainly Anthony’s moment. The season starts off with the eldest Bridgerton beginning his search for a wife. In the first few episodes, Anthony remains as irksome as he was in season one. Stuck in his conceited ways, Anthony only seeks a wife out of duty, not love. 

As declared in his own words: “Love is the least of my desires. But if my children are to be of good stock, then their mother must be of impeccable quality. A pleasing face, acceptable wit, genteel manners enough to credit a viscountess.” 

His high expectations lead to painful courting endeavors with the ladies of the ‘Ton, with each meeting resembling a job interview. It is not until the arrival of the Sharma sisters that Anthony believes he has found his match.

Kate Sharma, the eldest, has one goal — to ensure that her younger sister Edwina finds true happiness in a love match. Once Edwina is declared “Diamond of the Season,” suitors across the ‘Ton wish to pursue her. 

As such, Kate is critical of each suitor that attempts to court her sister. She is especially critical of Lord Anthony Bridgerton, and the season progresses with Anthony trying to earn Kate’s blessing to wed Edwina. 

Now I know I made Anthony sound like such a jerk, but I swear, there is a redemption arc! 

This season, viewers learn why Anthony is so unwelcoming to the idea of love and trust me, it’s HEARTBREAKING. As the eldest sibling myself, I have learned to sympathize with Anthony and his dedication to his family.

But even duty cannot get in the way of true love — a lesson that both Kate and Anthony struggle to learn. As they both aim to fulfill their assumed familial responsibilities, the two discover that they have more in common than they thought. 

The slow burn, enemies to lovers romance that sparks between the two leaves the audience wanting more. And it leaves me squealing way too excitedly. Unfortunately, the two are left to make a sacrifice: Edwina’s happiness or their own. 

Furthermore, the relationship between the Sharma sisters is one that I think many women that belong in POC families may relate to. I know I do. 

Kate’s willingness to do whatever it takes to make her sister happy has left me with a soft spot for her character. I can no longer count the many times I was expected to put my sisters before myself growing up and it eventually became second nature to me. Watching the Sharma’s familial dynamics was like viewing my own family in a mirror and it was beautiful. 

All in all, season two presents a beautiful story of romance and family harmony. And if you haven’t already watched it, then what are you waiting for?