This week featured sweet new releases from a broad range of artists. Image: Dasser Kamran/Fulcrum.
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We’re back with another round-up of new releases this week, ranging from indie to pop and everything in between

New music releases for October embody the world’s ongoing emotional turmoil as artists release intimate and powerful ballads that express how everyone seems to be feeling right about now. 

Single of the week: “Lonely” by Justin Bieber & benny blanco 3.5/5

Justin Bieber has returned from a two-year hiatus and released new music in 2020, but it looks like he chose October to personally reflect. In one of the most vulnerable songs he’s ever released, Bieber gives us an emotional ballad about his experience growing up in the spotlight. Just as the title suggests, he dives into the darkness of feeling lonely, which many people have struggled with over the course of COVID-19. Listen to this song with caution, because it will hit you where it hurts. 

“Wonder” by Shawn Mendes 3/5

This song is incredibly uplifting (perfect for a study tune) and is a great addition to your bedroom pop playlist. If you are into soft choral notes mixed with a pop beat and classic song structure, then you should give this one a listen. Its contrast between choral build-ups and synthesized instruments against the soft sound of Shawn Mendes’ vocals is spiritually soothing. “Wonder” allows you to tap into your own mind and feel the freedom to explore.

If It Comes Down to It by Ruby Waters 4/5

As an acoustic album with a bit of an indie kick, If It Comes Down to It is straight out of a movie score for your own life. If you are looking for a song to accompany your solo walks or long drives in the rain, then this album is your match. Waters draws on her own personal experiences as a young adult, which are super relatable — from the difficulties of being a young adult to the complicated emotions of relationships. If It Comes Down to It is a great addition to your October listening; some tracks worth shouting out are “Quantum Physics” and “Difficult.”

“Self Care” by Louis The Child (feat. COIN) 2.5/5

If you are looking for an upbeat pop song to kick off your home workouts or motivate you through your studies (midterm season is upon us!), this jam is fast-paced with a great backbeat (turn up your bass), unique melody, and great message. Everyone could always use a little reminder to check in and take some time for their own self care. 

Want U Around by Omar Apollo (feat. Ruel) 4/5

Omar Apollo will serenade you to paradise with this track filled with melancholy harmonies and blues-y bass guitar. What truly takes the cake with this song is its composition: Want U Around is like a triple layer cake with a simple and lulling beat, buttery background vocals, and incredible lead guitar riffs with lead vocals from Omar and Ruel. Perfect for a rainy day. 

Tickets to My Downfall by Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) 4/5

Although this album has been out for around a month, it truly is worth giving a listen. MGK has channeled all of his inner pop-punk voice (with an indie twist) into this album. This entire album feels like a 2000s coming-of-age film. Tracks worth giving a try include “Bloody Valentine,” “My Ex’s Best Friend,” and “Forget Me Too.”


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