Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

My penis has two holes. I’ve been more aware of it since I started masturbating, but since entering university, and getting some action other than my hand, I’ve really become more conscious of it. My parents have never mentioned anything to me. I can pee and ejaculate just fine. What should I do about it? Is it something to mention to my partners? I don’t want people thinking I have some kind of freaky STI.

Holey Fuck

Dear HF, 

Two might not seem like better than one, but you actually have no cause for concern. Your dick’s double hole is a non-serious birth defect known as a hypospadia that approximately five in 1000 boys will be born with. 

The reason you have two holes is because the opening for your urethra, from which you pee and ejaculate, is located on the underside of your penis shaft. Usually this will be corrected at birth or at a young age, which is why your parents never mentioned your extra endowment. This corrective cosmetic surgery simply extends your urethra to the tip of your package where it should be, and often the original hole on the underside of your penis is left as is. This might be the case for you; since the original opening now is non-functional, you have two holes, but only one is working. You have no worries or need to take action—as long as your stream and penis are working just fine, you’re all ship shape down there.

It can be a little embarrassing to talk about genital abnormalities right off the bat with new partners, but hey, we all have a little something that make us unique. You don’t have to mention it, especially because there are absolutely no STIs or problems associated with your dual hole. If a partner asks about your shaft’s hole, you can easily explain this. Maybe they’ll have a little surprise of their own! 



Dear Di,

I get off by watching porn with and without my boyfriend, but I’ve been finding that I orgasm much better from watching and thinking about porn than I do with my boyfriend. I feel like such a jerk, because he’s really not making the cut anymore in my sex life. How can I tell him that he needs to get a little more frisky between the sheets to keep me coming as strong as my daily porn views? 

Lights, Camera, Action

Dear LCA, 

If your sex life with your boyfriend has been less consistent than your porn views, it’s possible that you’ve just discovered a little something new that better suits your sexual desires. If your libido is higher than his, you might need to tell him you need more sexual feeling on the weekly (or daily) to stay satisfied. 

What would make your sex life with your boyfriend just as tempting? Maybe experimenting with some new moves, role play, or toys will be just the change of pace you need to get back in the sack with your man off-screen.

Is your boyfriend comfortable with porn himself, and with you watching it? This might be a cause for a little coital concern if your boy is feeling inadequate. There’s no bigger shutdown than feeling like your partner is getting their sexual fill from the shows on screen and are trumping your own sexual abilities. Talk to your boyfriend about what you enjoy the most about porn—what is it that makes it so much more tantalizing and stimulating?

Invite your partner to slide into the sheets with you next time you sit down for a show on screen. This might help him open up and become more responsive to what makes you hot and heavy. Better yet, maybe he’ll find something that gets him going too. Talk it up! Your partner should be open with you, and you with your partner, about how you can fulfill each other’s wildest fantasies and maximize your pleasure. 

With a little commitment to your quest for the bangarang in bed with your boyfriend, I have full confidence that you’ll hit the jackpot. Good luck to you and your boyfriend looking for the moves that speak (or scream) to you!