Dear Ty

Illustration: Christine Wang.
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Dear Di,

I heard that having your clit pierced can give you really intense orgasms, so I’m considering getting it done. However, my girlfriend is a little freaked out that by the idea, she thinks I’ll get an infection. Should I be worried?

—Putting a Ring on It

Dear PRI,

You’re right, clit piercings can give you more intense orgasms. But on the other hand, if not correctly taken care of, your girlfriend is right to warn that you can get an infection. Like any piercing, if you don’t clean it properly and regularly, it can get infected.

If you’ve had your ears, nose, or any other body part pierced first, you’re already a step ahead being acquainted with the procedure and the after care process.

Make sure to find a well-reviewed place to get your piercing, and book a consultation ahead of time. With 8,000 super-sensitive nerve endings found in the clitoris, you don’t want to go bargain hunting. When it comes to getting any genitalia pierced, the procedure itself will be painful, but fleeting.

Most people opt to pierce their clitoral hood (the flap of skin above the clitoris) as opposed to the clitoris itself. Due to the extensive nerve supply to the clitoris there’s a lot more risk of damage, and even losing sensation in your clitoris, so most places refuse to carry it out.

In terms of style, do a little research to find out what you like. You can opt for a horizontal or vertical piercing and your choice of rings, straight or curved bars.

When you get a clit piercing, it takes up to eight weeks to heal so get ready for a little discomfort. You might find it uncomfortable to wear pads, tampons, or menstrual cups during this time. You must also have to cut back on any sexy times or use a condom if hooking up with someone with a penis while your clit heals, as contact with bodily fluids such as semen and saliva can lead to infection.

To get back to your point, clit piercings can increase stimulation, sending you to orgasmic heaven. Every. Damn. Time. Most individuals find the vertical clitoral hood piercing renders the best sexual side-effects.

The best part of clit piercings is that you can introduce a lot more variety into your sex life. While most of us have a preferred position for climax, the increased stimulation of your clit piercing can help you find pleasure every which way, and multiple times.

Marilyn was right, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend.



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