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THE SECOND YOU meet someone attractive and want to woo them is usually the moment you realize the importance of being a fantastic cook. A way to a person’s heart is through their stomach, right?
The following is a list of the top five best aphrodisiac foods you should consider cooking for that special someone.

Since the middle ages, this green vegetable has been renowned for its ability to help both sexes reach orgasm—just be sure to bring perfume or a match to the bathroom afterward.

Dark chocolate
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone—chocolate has long been considered a tool of seduction. Pick up a box of chocolate before you head out on your date and watch his or her heart melt.

Honey is much more than just a term of endearment.  This saccharine nectar bats for both teams—it’s a great source of boron-metabolizing estrogen for women and is said to enhance testosterone production for men. It’s a win-win situation!

The Bible, Cleopatra, and the Greeks can’t all be wrong. Anyone with an interest in literature can attest there exists an abundance of written evidence of figs’ power. The subtly sweet purplish fruit is even said to resemble the female genitalia.

Raw Oysters
By far the most popular libido-enhancing delicacy, the oyster’s reputation precedes them. Oysters may not be aesthetically pleasing or particularly easy to eat, but this succulent seafood is said to put both men and women in the mood for loving.

—Nadia Helal