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Taking a look at who has the best 101 Week events

YEAR AFTER YEAR, the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) dominates the 101 Week calendar. As the official organizers of frosh week fun on campus, the SFUO has by far the most well-known—and well-attended—101 Week events. But despite the popularity of the SFUO’s 101 Week, there are other frosh events that new students shouldn’t miss. This year, the Fulcrum has decided to give those departments with the best events the recognition they deserve. And the winners are…

Good old gold

Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPIRG)

Every year, the Fulcrum’s upstairs neighbours offer an entire week chock-full of alternative frosh week events: Alt 101. Starting off each day with an all-vegan pancake breakfast, Alt 101 includes an impressive variety of workshops and discussion groups on topics like activism on campus, social justice, and safe, consensual sex. Alt 101 isn’t all serious stuff though; they also have several creative events for students new to the Ottawa area, such as their underground and grassroots tours of the town and picnic in Gatineau Hills. Don’t forget to stop by their free store or Werk It! dance and drag night, which are annual favourites on campus.

For their alternative approach to 101 Week and absolutely packed calendar of events, OPIRG is awarded gold.

Shining silver

Communication Student Association (CSA)

Though technically an arts department, communications has a 101 Week of its own. This year, the CSA has one especially awesome event planned for all interested students. Camp Commie is an overnight, outdoor camping adventure for any student that buys a CSA 101 Week kit. Taking place at Camp Air-Eau-Bois in nearby Denholm, Que., Camp Commie promises a plethora of games, swimming, and marshmallow roasting.

For taking advantage of the outdoors and getting their 101-ers out into the wild, the CSA is awarded silver.

Ballin’ in bronze

Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts (SAFA)

This year, the SAFA has one majorly cool event planned for anyone who buys their 101 Week kits: A top-secret concert on campus. Though the location has yet to be announced, they have revealed that the lineup will include Dave Russell, Robyn Dell’Unto, and Sean Pinchin, as well as one small clue as to where the event may be: “We will be disrupting all the students who decide that studying in the library is more important than music.”

For their dedication to secrecy and guerrilla-style attitude toward the arts, the SAFA is awarded bronze.

Honourable mention

Something to be said for the SFUO

While the SFUO does have an abundance of interesting events, there is one that no student should miss. Shinerama is an annual event where students hit the streets to raise money for cystic fibrosis research. An easy event to contribute to, Shine Day is possibly the most important event of 101 Week. If you have time to pull a team together and go out gathering donations, then definitely do it up. If not, empty your pockets of all that burdensome change and contribute to a valuable cause.

—Jaclyn Lytle