Dear Ty

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Dear Di,

I’m currently on an internship abroad in Italy and have been dating a local guy. I’m coming back to Canada in a couple of weeks and I don’t really know how to approach the situation. We’re both really invested in this relationship, but I don’t know if me going back home means we have to break up. How should I approach this? Is this relationship worth maintaining despite me leaving?

—Putting the “Lust” in “Wanderlust”

Dear PLW,

It’s definitely common for young travellers to have romantic flings abroad, even though they can get a little tricky—especially when you can see your trip coming to an end.

First things first, remember this old cliché: communication is key. You’re better off hitting your partner with the hard questions right away than waiting until you’re at the departure gate, and being told that your relationship is over.

Try to set things straight with him right now and see if he personally envisions a future with you, regardless of distance. You may be pleasantly surprised to hear him say that he’s willing to do long-distance and come visit you on the regular.

Of course, for this romance to go beyond borders you have to be down for a long-distance relationship. A great way to go about surviving this kind of arrangement is to plan visits in advance. This will give you both something to look forward to, and will allow you to see your relationship extend into the future.

Also, don’t be afraid to rely on technology to keep the flame going. Skype dates, sexting, and phone sex are all great ways to help fill the void, and might even bring a little spice to your relationship (just be careful about how much you share).  

However this pans out, be sure to make the most out of your last few weeks abroad, with or without the romance!



Dear Di,

I’m going on a two-week vacation with some friends this summer. We’re pretty big party-goers, and I do enjoy casual hookups on nights out. Are there any precautions I should take if I’m sleeping with people abroad?

—Horny Sexcapades

Dear HS,

Whether you’re travelling abroad or at home, the same precautionary rules apply when it comes to sex.

Make sure you don’t forget to pack condoms, since protection against infection and pregnancy is still necessary when you travel. Although you can most likely buy them on-site, you’ll feel most comfortable carrying your own stash of rubbers, especially because brands and prices tend to differ from country to country.

If you’re a woman who sleeps with men, you should get everything birth control-related sorted out before you leave—don’t hesitate to meet with your doctor if you want a little more reassurance. If you’re on the pill, make sure you keep taking your daily dose at the same time locally. So, if you regularly take it at 6 p.m. EST, and you go to London, you should be taking your birth control at 11 p.m. in London.

If you decide to go home with someone, make sure your friends know where you’re going at all times and ensure that they can reach you. Conversely, if you’re playing host to your new love affair at your hotel or Airbnb, make sure it’s okay with your travelling partners.

Although they may not mind you having a sexual fling, they might not appreciate it encroaching on their temporary living space. If you’re staying in a hostel, try to not forget about fellow travellers, as you run the risk of making a few enemies overnight if things get too rowdy.  

Ultimately, as long as you take proper precautions you should have no issues getting down with locals when you’re abroad.