Illustrations: Nicole Rutkowski, Kim Wiens
Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Fulcrum’s resident sex columnist dishes out some tips on how to make this year’s holiday a little more naughty than nice.

WEB_FEA_Dear-Di_Hotel-Reservation-Kim-WiensHotel room booking

Go ahead and reserve that hotel stay you’ve always talked about. Snuggle up together without the fear of your parents or grandparents accidentally hearing your late-night shenanigans. Not only can it be a romantic experience, but you have free reign to try out some of those louder sex positions.

WEB_FEA_Dear-Di_Ice-CreamIce cream

Get festive with some candy cane, mint-flavoured ice cream and try taking a lick off your partner’s peppermint stick. The cool sensation from the ice cream will create a whole new oral experience. You can also stick a mint in your mouth if your partner can’t take the chill down there—the minty sensation will tingle those nerve endings for an extra-special treat.    


Gentleman, have you always dreamt of having a young, scantily clad Mrs. Claus spank you until you learn how to be a nice boy? Well, there are plenty of Santa-themed costumes and lingerie out there to fulfill that fantasy. Ladies, you can surprise your partner with a sexy little number and reward him for being a good boy all year long.


Place these plants around the house so you can have steamy make-out sessions in every room. Better yet, place the mistletoe in more creative places, like your partner’s boxers or in a pair of lace panties.

WEB_FEA_Dear-Di_Wrap-Yourself-Kim-WiensWrap yourself

Have some holiday fun by literally gift wrapping your body, and follow that up by performing a little strip tease for your partner. Gentlemen, don’t be afraid to jingle your bell for your lady. Women aren’t the only ones who can give a sexy show this holiday season.

WEB_FEA_Dear-Di_Body-Chocolate-Kim-WiensBody chocolate

What’s better than a licking and sucking on each other’s bodies by a cozy fireplace? Nothing. Nothing is better. If you’re looking to spend Christmas Eve all over each other, then milk chocolate body paint is the perfect gift to make that experience so much sweeter.

WEB_FEA_Dear-Di_The-Naughty-List-Kim-WiensNaughty list

Compile a naughty list of all the sexy things you’ve always wanted to try and present it to your partner. Not only will the process of crossing off these items prove to  be a fun activity to do together, but it will also give you a head start on some New Year’s resolutions.

For extra fun, you can create your own list of naughty goodness and slip it in your partner’s stocking. It’ll be a simple way of letting them know about all the things you want to experience, without saying it out loud.