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…dress your pubes to impress

Di Daniels | Fulcrum Staff

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, start your electric trimmers. I’m bored with shaved balls and bare vagines. I dare you to get creative with your pubic hair styles—your next hookup will thank me.

Whether you’re rocking a Harry Potter poon (that’s a lightning bolt made out of your pubic hair for the uninformed) or you’ve got a smiley face ready to greet your sweetie’s face, shapes are plenty of fun for everyone. There are endless ways to express yo’self through the shapes you shave into your pubes—have fun!

Au natural
There’s something to be said for a full bush. Seriously, when I’m going down on a man or a lady, a little tickle on my chin evokes something primal in me. I like running my fingers through their down-there hair, and I know they appreciate how low-maintenance this style is. Give the hairy jungle a try; I’m willing to bet you’ll get a better reaction than you’re expecting.

Jewels and private parts go together like big tits and motor boating. A little glamour under the hood never hurt anyone.

When you want to spice things up down there, make the carpet mismatch the drapes. It takes a little work to dye a dark bush neon green, but the reactions you’ll get will be out of this world. Test the dye on your armpit first, since your skin’s sensitivity there will be similar to that of your nether regions. To turn my pubes pink, I used the Manic Panic brand which comes in a crazy array of colours and is available at Shoppers Drug Mart.