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Andrew Ikeman | Fulcrum Staff

101 WEEK IS the perfect time to experience new things, and for those who are of age, why not try new drinks? Here are my recommendations for drinks that are sure to help you have a great night.

1. The Angry Gee-Gee
A new take on the classic Caesar, this drink has more kick than a bucking stallion. Swap the traditional clamato for some red Gatorade to keep you hydrated enough for a bucket of hot sauce.

-2 ounces of tequila
-5 ounces of red Gatorade
-1 ounce of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Shake or stir and serve with ice.

2. Jäger Grenade
Who needs Red Bull? Add a light beer instead of the energy drink, and you have yourself a fantastic beverage.

-5 ounces of beer: in large glass
-1 ounce of Jägermeister: in shot glass

Drop shot into beer glass and down it.

3. UN Shot
Here at the Fulcrum, we want to bring unity to the world. That’s why we present to you this marriage of Mexico and Ireland. Enjoy your diversity, guys.

-0.5 ounce of tequila
-0.5 ounce of Jameson Irish Whiskey

Fill a shot glass with tequila and my favourite whisky, and you may get frisky.

4. The Morning After
Hangovers suck, so to beat ‘em you better be prepared.

-0.5 shot of whisky
-bottle of Gatorade

Put a bit of whisky in your Gatorade, and it’ll take away those pesky hangovers in no time.

5. The Virgin Holy Martini
Some nights drinking is out of the question—whether it’s because you have a midterm the next morning, or you simply don’t like alcohol. This drink here is a great way to have fun sans booze.

-can of club soda
-bottle of blue Gatorade

Mix equal parts blue Gatorade and club soda to make a great virgin blue martini. Garnish with gummy bears.

One last thing: make sure you have a way home and that you drink within your limits. Have fun and drink responsibly!