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With so many new experiences awaiting you, you might not realize how crucial certain information is until you need it. For your sake, grab your cellphone and add in these numbers in the case of any emergencies or last-minute adventures.

On-campus protection

Is your party invaded by hooligans? Are you walking home and someone is following you? When you’re scared, trying to find the Yellow Pages on your Blackberry isn’t a safe bet—Protection Services can be reached at (613) 562-5499.

A taxi number

When you’re drunk off your ass on a Saturday night or stumbling out of a stranger’s house Sunday morning, you’ll want a speedy ride home. Ottawa’s most popular cab companies are Blueline Taxi at (613)-238-1111 and Capital Taxi at (613) 744-3333.

Your favourite delivery restaurant

Late-night munchies? Hangover food needed? Don’t take the gamble that you’ll find it in the online Yellow Pages—if you find a place you love, program the number in ASAP!

Your landlord

Yes, the emails you’ve been exchanging are great, but when a pipe bursts, you find bedbugs, or someone breaks in, you might not have time to go through your inbox. Be sure to have a quick and easy way to get in touch with him or her.

The Mental Health Crisis Line

It might seem depressing, but you never know when you or someone you love will be in need of emergency counselling. The Mental Health Crisis Line in Ottawa can be reached at (613) 722-6914.

-Charlotte Bailey