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Illustrations: Kim Wiens.

Something to get your pre-drink on


The key to any good pre-drink is to find something you like automatically, since the taste actually matters on this first drink. Once you find a beverage along these lines, stick with it and be proud.

My usual pre-drink of choice is ginger ale and whiskey, with a handful of ice thrown in for good measure.


Something seasonal


I hope everyone’s enjoying pumpkin beer season! I know I am.

The HighBaller Pumpkin Ale perfects that festive pumpkin pie taste. There’s a bit of spice and cinnamon in this one, and at 5.2 per cent it’s got a pretty decent kick as well. You can even pick up a 500 mL bottle of the stuff from the LCBO for the low low price of $3.50.



Something fancy


I’m not going to pretend to be a wine expert, but at $9.95 a bottle, Santa Caroline Chardonnay is a great choice for students who are looking to get into wine on the cheap.

On top of the low price, this drink also flaunts some seriously layered flavouring. If you’re drinking it on its own it has a dry fruity taste. If you’re drinking your wine with food it takes on more of a honey flavour.


Something to get you drunk


Let’s be honest, there are times when you just want to get drunk, and quick. That’s the perfect time to release The Kracken. A 750 mL bottle of this spiced rum will cost you about $30, and it’s the perfect kind of shot to knock back when you’re late to the party and have to catch up.



Something to wake you up


This scenario calls for the Spicy Screwdriver. It requires a bit more work than other drinks on this list, but it’s guaranteed to shake you out of your drunken drowsiness from the night before.

Mix white rum, lemon juice, and lime juice in a glass, ice, give it a squirt of siracha sauce, and top it all off with orange juice. The orange juice is a perfect way to start off the day, and the siracha gives you that extra kick to wake you up.