Illustration: Erin Husband.
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Just Eat

Take out is one of the best options available for busy people like students. Most restaurants offer this option, but if you’re like me and venturing out of your apartment for food is still too much to ask, Just Eat might be your new favourite website.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love trying new foods but I suck at deciding what to eat. This is where Just Eat comes in. This online service is like a Netflix for restaurants, but instead of browsing movies and television shows you get to browse menus.

This international food ordering service boasts free delivery, with a minimum $15 order, and it’s easy to use while offering a variety of restaurant choices. It caters to your city and to your preferences including cuisine, location, ratings, and special promotions. It also lets you place an order at a restaurant before it’s even open so that they can get started on your meal first.

Just Eat also gives users the option to pay online with tip included so  you don’t have to make awkward conversation with the delivery person.

Of course, you do have to make an account in order to make that happen, but they have a pick-up option too, or a cash option if you prefer paying at the door.

If you prefer to eat your meals in peace, with few interactions and even less physical exertion, then Just Eat may soon be your best friend.

—Anchal Sharma

Uber Eats

I am a huge fan of the food delivery service Uber Eats! While I definitely view it as a luxury—delivery costs can look pretty steep on a student budget—having a burger in the comfort of my living room after a particularly long day can be pretty awesome. I usually go for Burgers and Fries Forever.

I haven’t noticed any huge differences between the food delivery apps. I usually choose which one to use based on what kind of food I’m looking for and where it’s available at the moment. That being said, Uber Eats is a little more fun, as obviously there’s nothing better than being able to track the car that’s carrying your pad thai via GPS.

Another thing that makes Uber Eats stand out from other food delivery apps is that they sometimes offer cool promotions. For example, this summer I had a free box of ice cream bars delivered to me! While it took them a while to arrive, the whole thing definitely got Uber Eats some brownie points.

—Carolyn Mutis

Skip the Dishes

I find that sometimes Skip the Dishes features more options and availability to order from more restaurants than Uber Eats does.

If you’re really really lazy (no judgement here), Skip the Dishes will deliver food right to your door, while you need to head out to the street to grab your delivery from Uber Eats.

I order from Skip the Dishes when I don’t see something I want on Uber Eats.

Additionally, long before Uber Eats existed, I used Skip the Dishes’ website when I wanted to order anything other than pizza or Chinese food, and I’ve never had a bad experience.

I tend to only use it once in a while, given the delivery cost and tip on top of the cost of eating out, but it is really convenient in a pinch.

—Carolyn Mutis