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illustration by Julia Pancova

1. Terrible spelling and grammar
Nobody is expecting to find a perfectly punctuated, Pulitzer Prize-winning essay on your profile, but at least make an effort to be coherent.

2. The “trying too hard” pictures
The pouted lips, awkwardly angled body shots, pounds of makeup, and greased up pecs and abs? Yeah, they need to go.

3. Anything that’s not true
Even the most skilled master of disguise cannot transform into a leggy redhead or a dark and handsome brunette overnight, so come to terms with reality and be honest.

4. The year you would like to be married by or the number of kids you want to have in the future
Including information like this in your profile will send most potential love matches running for the hills. Save the serious stuff for the second date.

5. Angry rants about your past dating experiences
Nobody is interested in going out with a bitter and resentful person, so leave out the angry diatribe.

—Kristyn Filip