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Ali Schwabe | Fulcrum Staff

What follows is a list of the city’s most mammoth meals, daunting dinners, and enormous eats. We challenge you to chow down.

The Big Juan found at Burrito Borracho Mexican Grill (105A Clarence St.), $17
This bad boy weighs in at one kilogram and is known as the biggest burrito in the capital city. The menu claims there’s “no space to list all the ingredients.” The real question is: Is there space in your stomach?
The Hintonburger found at Hintonburger (1096 Wellington St. W.), $7
It’s not the size of this burger that makes it a challenge—it’s the competition. Every July, the restaurant holds a speed competition to see who can down the six-ounce burger the fastest. In the meantime, get in a few rounds of practice or order one simply to savour the burger—it’s piled high with bacon and cheese and slathered with a signature barbecue sauce—that way you won’t regret missing out on the taste when you aim to break last year’s record.

The Determinator Hamburger found at D&S Southern Comfort B.B.Q. (6501 Russell Rd., Carlsbad Springs), $40 or free.
It’s worth the 20-minute drive outside of Ottawa to D&S to try your hand at the Determinator Hamburger challenge. If you can finish the 5.5 pounds of food that’s put in front you within an hour, not only is your burger free, but you get a golf shirt, your picture on the wall of fame, and bragging rights. Just what will you be expected to eat? The burger is made up of three eight-ounce patties with barbecue sauce, back bacon, beef brisket, three onion rings, blended cheese, and chipotle mayo all stacked between two grilled cheese sandwiches instead of buns. If that isn’t enough, you’ve also got to finish your sides: one pound each of fresh-cut fries and coleslaw, plus six pickles. You up to the challenge? The rules are that you must eat the food by yourself, you can’t have bathroom breaks, and if you get sick, you forfeit the win. Win, and you’re a champion. Lose, and your picture goes up on the wall of shame while your wallet gets a lot lighter. Be sure to call ahead so that the burger’s waiting for you when you arrive.

Ottawa Foodie Challenge (various locations), May 25, 2013, $50 per two-person team
This challenge tops them all. A group of Ottawans came together three years ago to create a scavenger hunt, and they came up with a challenge that makes raising awareness about community hunger a whole lotta fun. Register now with a friend for the third annual Ottawa Foodie Challenge, taking place on May 25 between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.
On the day of the event you’ll be given a list of places and challenges and will receive points once you’ve gone to each place, completed the challenge, and taken a picture for proof. You’ll get to visit restaurant kitchens, locate hard-to-find food items, and yes, even do some eating. Be strategic and choose to focus on high-point items or collect a bunch of small-point items, and at the end of the day an ultimate foodie prize will be awarded! All of the money goes directly to the Ottawa Food Bank, so this challenge will definitely leave you feeling full—of food and of happy warm fuzzies.