A number of students were also elected to the senate as well on Friday morning. Photo: Rame Abdulkader/Fulcrum
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Saada Hussen re-elected to BOG with 41.3 per cent of vote

Although the results will only be officialized on Monday it’s safe to say that Saada Hussen will serve her second term on the University of Ottawa’s Board of Governors after winning the undergraduate representative election by a margin of 504 votes over her closest opponent. 

“I am incredibly grateful to have have been granted an additional two years to my mandate and I want to congratulate the other candidates,” said Saada Hussen on Friday morning to the fulcrum following her election win. “Their platforms and campaigns were inspiring and I hope to work with them in some capacity. This is a defining time in history and I’m looking forward to work with the university administration to eliminate factors leading to the racially motivated and discriminatory incidents we’ve seen on campus.”

Only 1,810 students voted in the Board of Governors election out of the 28,887 students who were eligible to vote. This amounts to a very low 6.2% turnout for the Board of Governors student representative election.  

In the senate partial election, Celina Seguin was elected as the representative for the Faculty of Arts with 54.1 per cent of the vote. 

Sabrina Chang was elected to be the representative of the Faculty of Law in a very close race with opponent Daniel Chow winning by only four votes. 

The representative for the Faculty of Engineering will be Hervé Egla, he was elected with 65.5 per cent of the vote.

Former Board of Governors undergraduate representative Carlie Boisvert was defeated in her bid to be elected as the student representative on the senate for the Faculty of Medicine by Bryce Bogie. Bogie beat Boisvert by 17 votes in a close race earning 41.4 per cent of the vote. 

The Faculty of Sciences race was the closest race in the senate elections with Anjaliya Sonnibal barely edging out rival Maya Elkbouli by only two votes.

Jameel Kara was elected as the student representative for the Faculty of Health Science he received 47.7 per cent of the vote in a three-horse race.   

Finally, Katherine Girguis was elected by acclamation to be the Telfer student representative on the senate. To see the full results please scroll down to the bottom of this article. 

The online vote, however, wasn’t without controversy as a number of undergraduate students reported to the Fulcrum that they did not receive an online ballot from the university on Tuesday and were unable to vote in the elections. According to at least one source, there were also students who were able to vote multiple times. 

Candidates have until June 8 at 11 a.m. to appeal the results of the election.    

University of Ottawa Board of Governors undergraduate student representative election results 

  1. Saada Hussein – 747 votes (41.3 per cent)
  2. Showmia Chandru – 243 votes (13.4 per cent)
  3. Keith de Silvia-Legault – 212 votes (11.7 per cent)
  4. Andam Walji – 196 votes (10.8 per cent)
  5. Quinn Heffron – 167 votes (9.2 per cent)
  6. Ethan Camarena – 109 votes (6 per cent)
  7. Sandrine Mugabekazi – 77 votes (4.3 per cent)
  8. Royita Ise Godwill – 59 votes (3.3 per cent)

Partial University of Ottawa Senate elections results 

Faculty of Arts

  1. Celina Seguin – 112 votes (54.1 per cent)
  2. Tina Wang – 60 votes (29 per cent)
  3. Haiyi Yan – 35 votes (16.9 per cent)

Faculty of Law 

  1. Sabrina Chang – 79 votes (51.3 per cent)
  2. Daniel Chow – 75 votes (48.7 per cent)

Faculty of Engineering 

  1. Hervé Egla – 111 votes (64.5 per cent)
  2. Farhang Frank Amini – 61 votes (35.5 per cent)

Faculty of Medicine 

  1. Bryce Bogie – 115 votes (41.4 per cent)
  2. Carlie Boisvert – 98 votes (35.3 per cent)
  3. Adrian Bailey – 65 votes (23.4 per cent)

Faculty of Sciences

  1. Anjaliya Sonnilal – 101 votes (30.1 per cent)
  2. Maya Elkbouli – 99 votes (29.6 per cent)
  3. Caleb Rudyk – 59 votes (17.6 per cent)
  4. Chantal MacLean – 44 votes (13.1 per cent)
  5. Christelle St-Pierre – 32 votes (9.6 per cent)

Faculty of Health Sciences

  1. Jameel Kara – 134 votes (47.7 per cent)
  2. Sarah Aly – 116 votes (41.3 per cent)
  3. Harneet Cheema – 31 votes (11 per cent)

Telfer School of Management 

  1. Katherine Girguis – Unopposed