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What the F?! 

ONEAL RON MORRIS, a 30-year-old transgendered woman, has allegedly been injecting cement and tire-filler, among other substances, into her clients while working as a faux plastic surgeon in Miami, Fl.

Facing charges of practising medicine without a licence, Morris was arrested on Nov. 18, but was soon released after posting bail. Two more victims came forward shortly thereafter, leading to Morris’s second arrest on Nov. 23.

She has since been released, and has appeared on Entertainment Tonight, claiming the allegations are false and ruining her life.

Morris’s first victim was unwilling to come forward after being hospitalized in May 2010 after infections and complications resulting from surgery caused serious medical conditions. Police have been investigating Morris since, leading to the first arrest.

Rajee Narinesingh, one of Morris’s victims, came forward after the first arrest was made. In an interview with CBS, she explained that as a transgendered woman, the prospect of surgery to make her body match how she felt at a good price was too good an opportunity to pass up. She had heard about Morris through the transgender community in Southern Florida.

Morris’ behind also seems to be severely altered by plastic surgery, which police say is her own work. Cosmetic surgeon Anthony Young told Morris could have placed polypropylene string implants—yarn-like strings that absorb water from the body gradually and thus continuously expand—into her buttocks. He warned her to have them removed because they will continue growing even after her cheeks start dragging along the floor.

—Ali Schwabe