Image: Charley Dutil/Provided.
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Becomes the first editor to win re-election since 2001

The ballots are in and it’s official: Charley Dutil has been elected to a second term as the Editor-in-Chief (EIC) of the Fulcrum.

Dutil, who served as EIC since May 2020, won the election after running unopposed. His victory will see him retain the reins of the Fulcrum throughout the 2021-22 academic year.

A University of Ottawa graduate, Dutil  began his reporting career with stints at both CHUO 89.1 FM and La Rotonde before joining the Fulcrum in September 2018. His early days as a sports writer led to him taking the reins as sports editor the following year. The knowledge and experience he gained in this role was what pushed him to run for the position of EIC.

“The Fulcrum welcomed me with open arms and I’ve been thankful ever since and loved every moment,” said Dutil.

Dutil’s first year at the helm, however, was not without difficulties with the entirety of his term taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Journalism is a form of media that often requires face-to-face interactions, be it among the newsroom or when interviewing sources, and the lack of these meetings posed significant challenges for Dutil.

“I think in a way the pandemic made it so we were one of the most distant editorial boards ever in Fulcrum history, but also one of the closest,” said Dutil. 

“We had to learn to do our jobs without the in-person aspect and learn to do journalism that way and accept the fact that it was necessary to adapt to thrive.”

In the coming months, Dutil plans to improve the Fulcrum by making adjustments to the publication’s website, primarily in both its design and accessibility settings.

According to his election debate, the current website struggles to properly portray images and infographics, an issue which he intends to see fixed. Additionally, he hopes to build stronger ties between the Fulcrum’s editorial board and contributors through nurturing the talents of new writers.

According to Emily Wilson, the Fulcrum’s managing editor and chair of the Election Committee, the publication has a bright future with Dutil continuing to steer the ship.

“With the results of the election, it’s safe to say the Fulcrum is in good hands,” said Wilson. “You could tell during the election debate what the Editor-in-Chief role means to Charley and I think that easily translates into future success.”

 “There’s been plenty of changes and adjustments, but he has found ways to bring the best out of both the paper and the staff. As a veteran of the paper, he knows the standard the Fulcrum needs to reach, knows what the U of O students want and need to read, and is always focused on making the coverage better.”

Dutil will officially begin his second tenure as the Fulcrum’s EIC in May of this year.