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Guess who’s back, back again…

Christopher Radojewski | Fulcrum Staff

Trudeau’s good looks a threat
Justin Trudeau, the Member of Parliament for the Papineau district in Montreal and candidate for the federal Liberal leadership, was back in parliament today. You can tell it was odd that he was sitting in Question Period on Feb. 12, because as soon as he rose to speak, the Conservative bench giggled like schoolgirls. The leadership race has had him travelling the country promoting himself and the party. However, is this Conservative reaction evidence of fear or a “who cares about this guy” attitude? One thing is for sure, John Baird, the Minister of Foreign Affairs,  was heard yelling across the House of Commons that he was distracted by Trudeau’s hair. Clearly, Trudeau’s good looks are a threat.

The Bill is dead
After much opposition from Canadians one year ago, Bill C-30, the Protecting Children from Internet Predators Act, was killed. The Conservatives decided not to pursue the bill after it was moved aside last year. Although most bills in the House of Commons pass without much notice by Canadians, Minister of Public Safety Vic Toews brought attention to Bill C-30 by categorizing people opposing the bill as siding with child pornographers. This caused quite a backlash as Canadians decided to take to social media to #TellVicEverything, a movement that has resurged with the anniversary of the bill. This is the first bill the current majority Conservative government has backed down on due to opposition.

Brazeau on a timeout
Senator Patrick Brazeau, who represents Quebec, was charged with assault and sexual assault last week. In response, a motion was passed on Feb. 12 which barred Brazeau from the Senate chamber. He has also been scrutinized for unethical expense claims and for making inappropriate comments regarding Attawapiskat Chief Theresa Spence who went on a hunger strike earlier this year. Due to these strikes against him, Brazeau was removed from the Conservative caucus last week. The Senate has recently taken a battering with multiple controversies and this latest one begs the question of whether Brazeau or the institution of the Senate will suffer more.