OTTAWA—OC TRANSPO HAS plans to resume service to the bus route that circles the Ottawa General Hospital Campus. The 106 bus, which made stops at the U of O campus before route cuts, will be brought back starting Dec. 28—the next time bus drivers book a work schedule. In the meantime, OC Transpo will be providing a shuttle service. 

The route cuts, which saved $20 million, have affected 21 routes out of about 100. The changes were voted upon by city council and, in most cases, were meant to redirect larger buses to heavier routes.

OC Transpo has been blamed for a failure to recognize overcrowding and the bus jams that happen in and around the U of O campus.

General Manager of OC Transpo Alain Mercier believes the overcrowding is caused, in part, by the end of summer vacations and the fact that people are returning to work and school. Mercier hopes that overcrowding will smooth out in the coming weeks.

—Andrew Ikeman