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That time I sold my panties on the Internet

Photo by Mico Mazza

Selling your underwear to strangers isn’t the ideal way to make extra money. It’s not something your mother would like.

But school and food are expensive and I was super lazy. I had another job and wasn’t in dire need of money — I just wanted some extra cash to buy myself pretty things.

So one night while doing some intense Internet lurking, I found a little community of people who would pay me money to literally sit on my butt all day. It all sounded so enticing and exciting. I could take the underwear that I had bought for $3, wear them for 24 hours, and then someone would pay me at least $20 for the pair. But like most seemingly easy things in life, the whole ordeal wasn’t all that simple.

I researched other groups like this one and tried to ensure the community I was getting involved in didn’t want me to perform any degrading acts or partake in anything unsanitary. I found communities for selling “bloody panties” and “urine underwear” which just crosses the line for me. I made sure the community I was involved with was as vanilla as underwear selling could be. I wanted to make sure I was in a place where I’d only have to do things I was comfortable with. I learned my lesson, though: The act of selling underwear will never be vanilla.

Many of the people who buy soiled goods online either wear them themselves or use them to masturbate. There is obviously a little bit of fetish involved, as the scent of my lady flower was desired. If it weren’t for the added human dressing these people would just buy unused underwear and do their own thing.

After a while I learned that the best way to make money by selling negligée is to have regular customers who continually pay for your not-so-fresh fanny covers. The first few sales wouldn’t make me a huge amount of cash, but eventually my regulars would offer to pay $50 per pair if I complied with their requests. It’s normal for buyers to request a few pictures of the girl from whom they’re purchasing. Usually they’re compliant and understand if the seller doesn’t want to show his or her face, but an expectation of five to 10 ass-in-panties pictures accompanies each sale.

This is when I became uncomfortable with the idea of selling my undies. I wasn’t making extra cash for these pictures; it was all included in my $20 sale. And in my head, despite selling my underwear to strangers, I like to think I am worth more than $20. I thought it over for a while and had requested extra cash from my buyers for some sweet pictures. $40 for underwear and five pictures seemed like a great deal to me.

But $20 just felt like I was doing a lot of work for no gain. I have high-quality goods after all. I had a few buyers argue back and forth with me, refusing to pay my high prices and trying to get me to give them a deal “just this once”. I even had one guy give me a sob story about how he’s in college and doesn’t have more than $20 to spend on my delicates. I sympathized but ultimately, a girl’s gotta live.

Eventually these requests became more frequent and I learned that people who buy underwear are super cheap. Buyers kept saying if I did this “one thing” for them for cheap this time, next time they would spend more or buy two pairs at a time, or know they can trust me and always buy from me. This put me off the whole thing. It really taught me a lesson about how much I value my lady bits, so I quit selling my used undies.

Selling was hard work for almost no gain. It was time consuming, slightly disturbing, and there definitely wasn’t enough money involved. If you’re going to make money in a sex industry, stripping at a high-class club would probably be a more fruitful option.