The by-election results will be made official through a ratification by the BOA on Nov. 6.
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All vacant seats filled except for the Faculty of Medicine, Telfer School of Management

From Oct. 18 to 20, voting took place at the University of Ottawa to fill the vacant seats in the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO)’s Board of Administration (BOA).

Nine seats on the board were to be filled, and the by-election saw nine candidates. The contested seats were in the Faculty of Engineering, with three candidates and two vacant seats, and the Faculty of Civil Law, with one vacant seat and two candidates.

The Faculty of Education, and the Telfer School of Management, each with one vacant seat, saw no candidates.

The unofficial by-election results were announced on Oct. 20 on the SFUO’s Facebook page.

Tristan Lamonica was voted in for the Faculty of Arts, with 28 “yes” votes and five “no” votes.

The two vacant seats in the Faculty of Engineering were filled by Arsalan Ahmed Khan, with 53 votes, and Jeffry Colin, with 77 votes.

Alexander Liam Pearson was voted in for the Faculty of Medicine with 14 “yes” votes and zero “no” votes.

For the Faculty of Health Sciences, both vacant seats were filled. Ellen Galupo received 11 “yes” votes and one “no” vote. Anh Minh Duong received 10 “yes” votes and three “no” votes.

Safie Diallo was voted into the vacant seat in the Faculty of Law’s civil law section with 65 votes.

According to the Facebook post, the results “will only be official once the Board of Administration ratifies the results on November 6, pending any appeals.”