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Current VP finance Rizki Rachiq elected 2018-19 SFUO president

The unofficial results for the 2018 general election of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa (SFUO) are in, following voting from Feb. 7-9.


Incumbent vice-president finance Rizki Rachiq of the United slate has been voted in as president for the 2018-19 year with 2,826 votes. Solutions candidate Philippe Garcia-Duchesne received 2,660 votes.

For vice-president operations, Axel Gaga (United) won with 2,762 votes, over Shannon Berry from Solutions, who received 2,536 votes.

Paige Booth of United was elected to the position of vice-president external with 3,351 votes, over Matthew Boulden of Solutions, with 1,931 votes.

Caroline Lu (Solutions) is the newly-elected vice-president equity at 2,779 votes, over Leila Moumouni-Tchouassi of United who currently holds the position and received 1,391 votes, and Pamela Twagirayezu (independent) who received 1,027 votes.

For the position of vice-president internal, Katie Zwierzchowski from Solutions won with 2,685 over Pamela Bader from United who received 2,391 votes.

The new vice-president social is Faduma Wais of United, receiving 2,711 votes, over Adam Ha (Solutions), who received 2,606 votes.

Board of Administration

Faculty of Social Sciences

The newly-elected Board of Administration (BOA) representatives for the Faculty of Social Sciences are as follows: Omar Ahmadi (United, 783 votes), Junior Akat Akat (United, 742 votes), Jessy Azangi (United, 754 votes), Gabi Ghannoum (United, 738 votes), Rudolph Damas (Solutions, 901 votes), and Linda Lacombe (United, 778 votes).

Faculty of Sciences

For the Faculty of Sciences, the new BOA reps are Michel Antoun (480 votes), Priyanka Goel (United, 573 votes), and Victoria Ogden (Solutions, 518 votes).

Faculty of Arts

The new Faculty of Arts reps are Weays Ahmed (United, 293 votes), Sagal Dahir (United, 291 votes), and Brooklyn Patrick (Solutions, 293 votes),  

Telfer School of Management

Salma Naser (United, 506 votes), Khalid Touijar (United, 385 votes), and Ifrah Yusuf (United, 348 votes) are the new Telfer board representatives.

Faculty of Law, common law section

Katline Racine of United was elected with 223 yes votes and 36 no votes.

Faculty of Law, civil law section

Kevin Boyer of Solutions was elected with 117 yes votes and 11 no votes.

Faculty of Engineering

Rachel Harrison (Solutions, 466 votes), Hussein Hegazy (Solutions, 565 votes), and Ben King (Solutions, 513 votes) have been elected as Faculty of Engineering BOA reps.

Faculty of Medicine

Alexandra Birk has been elected to the board for the Faculty of Medicine with 72 yes votes and three no votes.

Faculty of Health Sciences

The new Faculty of Health Sciences reps are Alex Dam (Solutions, 355 votes), Maximilio Michelini (United, 324 votes), and Julia Kemzang (267 votes).

Board of Governors

Saada Hussen received 1,645 votes for the undergraduate representative seat on the Board of Governors.


Alex Harrison was elected to the Senate with 478 votes, over Mayur Tailor (344 votes). The following candidates were acclaimed to the Senate: Obay Albatnuni (Faculty of Engineering), David Gallo (Telfer School of Management), Paige Booth (Faculty of Social Sciences), Katline Racine (Faculty of Law, common law section), Emily Prieur (Faculty of Health Sciences), Varis Gupta (Faculty of Medicine), and Tristan Lamonica (Faculty of Arts).

Referendum Questions

Both referenda, to sponsor and help settle three refugee students at the U of O and create a new Racialized and Indigenous Student Experience Centre on campus passed.