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The union representing security staff at Carleton University voted in favour of a deal with the school on March 30.

The deal makes provisions for job security and safety standards, but issues of salary and staffing levels have not been remediated.

Security staff have been on strike since March 10. Union negotiator Nelson Ross Laguna said “people were not fully satisfied,” according to the Ottawa Citizen, but that they are happy they reached an agreement.

He added that some of the staff would have preferred to strike, and that they are not “fully happy,” but are “happy enough,” according to the Ottawa Citizen.

“All we are asking for is what is fair,” Laguna told the Ottawa Sun. “These workers deliver around-the-clock safety services to students on campus, and deserve at least some basic respect from their employer. Many of them are earning barely more than minimum wage”

The growing student population and stagnant number of security officers is another concern, Laguna added.

The number of students and staff at the university has grown significantly to approximately 30,000 from 20,000 in the last seven years.

Carleton has hired Garda security personnel as temporary replacements, and the school remained open throughout the strike.