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All university-sponsored travel to China and all programming involving China suspended 

The University of Ottawa announced on Friday that they will suspend all operations in China after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a global health emergency due to the spread of the novel coronavirus.

“As a result, all university-sponsored travel to China and all programming involving China have been suspended until further notice,” the school wrote in an online statement. 

In their situation report from Thursday, WHO detailed that there are over 7,800 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus worldwide. More than 7,700 of the cases are based in China, where at least 170 people have died as a result.

“The university has been in contact with our students who are currently in China to ensure their well-being,” reads the statement. “We are also in contact with our students across Asia to ask that they take all possible precautionary measures.”

The U of O is also asking students, faculty and staff members to consult and share any travel plans to Asia with supervisors, deans or directors of their program.

“The university will make every effort to prevent or mitigate any potential impact on academic activities,” they wrote.

There are only three confirmed cases of the virus in Canada according to WHO’s report, and the U of O said that they will continue to monitor the latest developments in Canada and around the world.

“The university appreciates the solidarity and mutual respect shown by its community members during this uncertain time,” they wrote.