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AS PETTY AS this may sound, after four years on this campus I have developed a substantial grievance with Food Services and their “trusty” drink machines. After using the gym on the weekend, one of the milk machines actually took $10 without giving change back (Somehow I did get a milk in the process).

Rather than have a person at the facility give me immediate access to change, lo and behold, I had to wait until Monday to hear back from a Food Services representative. Now, I have no real problem with machines that make mistakes from time to time, but when it happens continually with little noticeable improvement it becomes an irritation. I don’t consider myself to be an impatient person, but expecting a paying customer to chase after their change as powerless and unaware gym staff members only offer a “sorry” and a helpline number to call seems just too much to ask.

So my suggestion is for Food Services to get its act together finally on this area of its department. Either have a “real live boy” available on site with keys to access the machines when they don’t work properly or have a sign on the machines that explicitly states the machines are not 100 per cent reliable. I look forward to Food Services attending to this matter promptly.

—Simon Whitehouse

U of O alumnus