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If you’re new to the University of Ottawa, welcome! If you’re a returning Gee-Gee and avid Fulcrum reader, however, you may have noticed a distinct lack of our summer issue on Fulcrum stands. Allow us to explain.

Last year, close to 40 community news publications across Canada were closed, including eight local publications in Ottawa. Currently, Carleton University’s student paper, the Charlatan, is crowdfunding to help stay afloat, and in the last year, other campus publications faced backlash from their student unions for asking a referendum question for continued funding for their papers.

Essentially, it’s not a great time to be in the news industry; but don’t worry we’re not going anywhere… well unless you count the internet.

This year, the Fulcrum is excited to announce that we are transitioning online. More and more, people are consuming their news digitally, and in the words of Ariel, we “want to be where the people are,” not to mention, going online cuts costs so we can still provide you with quality news, while being eco-friendly!

For all of our special issue fans (namely, our own editorial board), we’re still going to have one monthly issue in print, and this is one of them! Check out our thryllabus for fun things to do all month long, and watch as our city map grows with more featured hotspots.

Every other week, however, you can find us online, still publishing breaking news, still holding our administration, and student union accountable, and still telling you where to find the best eats, and coolest shows. You can also look forward to seeing more video content, more photo galleries, more social media contests, and new content on our website every Wednesday.

Print may be dead, but we’re very much alive, and we look forward to exploring this new medium to provide you with the high quality journalism that you deserve. So enjoy the weight of paper in your hands while you can… next week it’ll be your phone.