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Men should be able to be nice to women without being called a simp

The word ‘simp’ has become a well-known, popular, misogynistic insult towards men in 2020. The insult implies that the person it’s directed towards is too sympathetic, too caring, or gives too much attention to a woman. 

While it was male influencers on Tiktok and Youtube that brought ‘simp’ to light, female creators haven’t shied away from using the term either. 

The problem is that the term ‘simp’ has created an incredibly toxic environment where men are shamed for treating women with common respect and decency. Things that men are called a ‘simp’ for can include the simplest of things including doing or saying nice things to a woman, or spending money or time on their girlfriends. 

When a man chooses a female over his male friends or a ‘manly’ activity, people will say that he’s ‘simping.’ 

This might be hard for some people to hear, but if we’re being completely honest, ‘simp’ is a sexist term that suggests that women are lesser than men. It is truly degrading. 

I don’t understand what’s so wrong with men being nice to women. I can’t wrap my head around the idea that it’s wrong for a boyfriend to want to spend time with his girlfriend. Why can’t a man buy a gift for a woman without being called a ‘simp’? Why aren’t men allowed to help women without being subjected to an insult? Why can’t men treat women as equals, as real people.

Where did this idea come from? And why has it become so popular? I can’t think of a positive thing that has come from the use of the term. 

No one wants to be subject to a negative term, and because of that, women are often forced to deal with unfair treatment, rejection, and insult by their male peers who simply want to avoid being associated with being a ‘simp.’ Still, both men and women are bystanders and participants in the use of the term. 

‘Simp’ culture has taken over, and it’s not okay.