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Stopping the outsourcing

LAST YEAR, BARACK Obama allegedly asked Steve Jobs what it would take to bring employment back to U.S. soil; the late Apple CEO replied that jobs aren’t returning—which may have been a wrong assumption. The rising labour costs in China coupled with advances in computerization have allowed more jobs to return to North American shores, but there won’t be a need for the great number of manufacturer workers as we had in the past. Instead, industries are predicting an influx of jobs in Canada and the U.S., such as hundreds of thousands of jobs created by the iPhone App boom or Facebook App platform. Should governments start getting worried about our current economy and employment situation and stop outsourcing jobs, or do they have the situation under control?

Protesting gets a 21st century makeover

BY NOW MOST people are aware of the Stop Kony 2012 movement. The campaign was started by Invisible Children, a grassroots organization aimed at uncovering the crimes committed by Joseph Kony in Northern Uganada. The 29-minute documentary that was uploaded on March 5 has already received more than 60 million views on YouTube, and the #StopKony hashtag has trended worldwide on Twitter. The campaign has been a viral hit and is changing the way demonstrators protest. In an age where attention is a commodity, is viral dissemination the answer for protestors, or is the Stop Kony 2012 movement the exception and not the rule?

Sarah Palin documentary to sway votes?

HBO’S LATEST DOCUMENTARY, Game Change, follows the Republicans’ presidential campaign of 2008. The film, which portrays Sarah Palin’s quick ascension to fame as U.S. Senator John McCain’s running mate, details the Alaskan’s private troubles and public shortcomings during the last U.S. election. However, the documentary has drawn much criticism, with some saying the movie will sway votes in the upcoming presidential election. Portraying Palin in a less than forgiving light, critics say the documentary will reassure people they voted for the right political party four years ago and even swing undecided votes. Will the docudrama impede the election, or are critics being far too dramatic and insulting the public’s intelligence?

—Sofia Hashi

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