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Ready, set, grow!

CANADA’S FIFTH ANNUAL Movember campaign officially began on the first of the moustache month. The initiative, which originated in Australia, will see thousands of men grow their facial hair during November to raise funds and awareness for prostate cancer research. Last year, the Movember campaign was the motivation behind over 100,000 moustaches, the owners of which raised $22.3 million in Canada alone. Is the cause behind this campaign enough to make you embrace facial hair for now, or is growing a moustache an all-too-easy and all-too-silly initiative that detracts from the seriousness of prostate disease, which affects an estimated one in seven Canadian men?

I reckon they’ve got the consumption

TWO HOMELESS MEN living in downtown Victoria, B.C. have tested positive for tuberculosis. The infectious disease, which has been largely eradicated in North America, can become highly contagious if it reaches the lungs of those affected. Transmitted mainly by coughing, the disease can be caught if an individual has prolonged close contact with a sufferer. While most Canadians are inoculated against tuberculosis in their early youth, the announcement of these two most recent cases have inspired some panic amongst Victoria residents. Is it reasonable that this small, sudden outbreak become an active concern in the community, or should Canadians pipe down and be thankful our rate of infection stays below the 10 per cent mark while other countries grapple with a rate closer to 80 per cent?

Love isn’t all you need

A RECENT TELL-ALL interview by his supposed one-time mistress has celebrity Asthon Kutcher on the road to divorce, according to tabloid reports. Kutcher,  married to actress Demi Moore since 2005, has not confirmed the reports, but has taken to Twitter, posting cryptic messages that indicate a touch of marital discord. Given that Moore is a full 15 years senior to her goofy groom, much of the talk surrounding the controversy has centred on the idea that she should have seen this coming when she involved herself with a much younger man. Is it fair to lay blame with Moore for her husband’s infidelity, or is Kutcher just a cheating cad that couldn’t see how good he had it?

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