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Matt Anthony field is awarded record standing

THE GEE-GEES HAVE something new to cheer about. The Matt Anthony field has earned a Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) two-star rating after being resurfaced by field experts FieldTurf. Its completion this past June marked the first of its kind in North America, and will allow University of Ottawa athletes an opportunity to practice and play on a world-class field.

“FIFA status is a recognition of the quality of the facility,” explained Luc Gélineau, the athletic director for the University of Ottawa. “FIFA is the world organizing committee for soccer and it’s based on their standards.”

Even though the field is considered to be the home of the women’s soccer and rugby teams, the newly improved Matt Anthony field will also allow novice athletes on intramural teams an opportunity to experience playing on a field of a higher calibre.

“Basically we built the field to service our programs, which would mean that intramurals would be playing on this excellent field … What’s good about the field is that it’s less abrasive than before. It’s safer, so we have [fewer] injuries,” stated Gélineau.

Don’t expect any colours on the field except the Garnet and Grey, as the Matt Anthony field will remain strictly for Gee-Gee use.

“Our programs will not change … We are very cautious of how we use it. For example, we will not be using the field for any shows [and] during the winter we will make sure it’s well taken care of,” said Gélineau.

The university is currently planning further improvements to their facilities, but limited space makes the process a difficult one.

“We’ve been trying to develop new facilities for years. It’s obvious that we don’t have as many facilities as other institutions of the same size. Being downtown Ottawa, it is always a challenge to find space to build facilities, but we’re still [trying].”

—Sofia Hashi