Kevin Victome
Victome celebrating with his teammates. Photo: Robert Greeley/Varsity Athletics
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Football star has enjoyed success both in sports and music

When it comes to things he’s passionate about, it’s clear that Kevin Victome understands the grind. Between football and music, Victome is not afraid to dream big, and he’s putting in the work to achieve those dreams. 

“I’m definitely chasing dreams. I mean, shoot for the stars and for the moon. That’s what I always tell myself,” Victome said in an interview. 

While Victome hopes to pave himself a path to the NFL in the future, rather than focussing too far ahead, his sights are more immediately set on a Vanier Cup with the Gee-Gees for the 2021 season. 

“Until I’m told I don’t have a path to the NFL, I’m going to grind,” Victome said. “I just want to win a championship with my guys. We have to have a goal in mind… this is what we’re trying to accomplish.”

“I wouldn’t want to stop playing football after university. I love it too much, you know?”

On the side, Victome has created and released music under the name YMG Teekay

“Me and my brothers, we’ve been working together. We have a lot a lot of projects that are in the works and a lot of projects that we’ve been planning,” Victome said. “It started off as just something that I was doing casually for fun, but now I’ve come to love it.”

While music is something that he enjoys, Victome is focused on football. 

A football career that began with playing ball at recess with his friends has turned into a true passion for Victome — he has turned his natural athleticism into huge statlines. While he is a dominant player on the defensive side of the ball, he has seen the game from both ends of the field. 

“One of my close friends told me he signed up for football so I just signed up with him. I tried it out and I was just really good at it,” Victome explained. “I started on the offensive side of the ball, I was a quarterback, I played receiver, and then as I grew, I fell in love with the defensive side of it.” 

“I just got hit so many times. I was like, I want to hit somebody instead,” Victome added. “Every day. I see the game differently. When I mess up, I just want to go back to it so badly and figure out what I did… I’m just a student of the game.” 

Victome had an explosive rookie season with the Gee-Gees in 2019, putting up 15 solo tackles, two forced fumbles, four pass breakups, and a blocked field goal, earning himself a spot on the OUA All-Rookie team, as well as an OUA and USPORTS Special Teams Player of the Week acknowledgement, and the Matt Anthony Rookie of the Year Award. 

“I have big dreams, you know, I want to go far. I’m fully on my own self about being the best I can be,” Victome explained. “I did have a great rookie season, the way I see it, I did what I did two years ago, why can’t I do double?”

“I’m looking to really push myself and get my team to the Vanier [cup].”

Victome is still young, only heading into his second year of eligibility, meaning he will be a staple on the Gee-Gees team for years to come. 

The U of O is looking to make it far this season, and despite a tough loss at their season opener in Toronto, there is a lot to play for and the Gee-Gees are sure to turn things around. 

“I’ve been getting ready for this moment for the last two years,” Victome said. “This is what I’ve been waiting for. I’m just very excited to finally be back on the field and play with my guys again.”