With the days getting longer, here are some places to get out and enjoy the sunshine. Photo: Marta Kierkus.
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Whether you want a light walk or a hard run, we’ve got a path for you

With the weather turning warmer and the days getting longer, the Fulcrum thought it would be a good idea to outline a number of paths around campus that are great for walking, running, or biking.

Whether you’re looking for a light stroll, or want to do some serious long-distance training, there’s no excuse to not take advantage of our university’s prime location in the nation’s capital.

(All of these route recommendations assume your starting point is Marion Auditorium, and that you head under Nicholas Street and across Colonel By Drive.)

Confederation Park: 2km trail

To start things off, this is a shorter trail—perfect for a leisurely walk or a light run. After crossing Colonel By Drive, take the Corktown Footbridge across the canal. Turn right (west) on the Rideau Canal (RC) Western Pathway and follow this route under the Laurier Avenue Bridge. When you see Confederation Park on your left, cross to it.

If you’re not tired yet, or you want to extend your walk, you can even do the big loop at Confederation Park once or twice. To change things up on your way back, take the boardwalk immediately next to the canal.

Major’s Hill Park: 4km trail

This is a good trail if you’re looking for a more substantial run or a short bike ride. For this route, head to the RC Eastern Pathway after crossing Colonel By Drive and turn right (west). Take the Pathway all the way past the Chateau Laurier to Major’s Hill Park (will be on the right).

Go through Major’s Hill Park, but make sure you don’t end up on the Alexandra Bridge. Instead, head left (west) to the Ottawa River Pathway section of the Trans Canada Trail and take that back towards the university.

Cross the canal at the locks, and take the RC Western Pathway back to the Corktown Footbridge.

Commissioners Park: 10km trail

Are you even more than just an “light biker” or an “avid runner?” Well, fear not, because this is the path for you.

Cross the canal at the Corktown Footbridge and turn left (east) on the RC Western Pathway. You can follow the Pathway all the way down past Bronson Avenue to Dow’s Lake.

Take a moment to enjoy the scenic setting—you deserve it after that long trek. If you’ve still got some juice left in the tank, you can explore Commissioners Park. If you have the chance to go there in May the tulips will be in full bloom.

Retrace your steps to get back to campus. Congratulate yourself with a large piece of cake.