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Start your healthy living in university with Isabelle Scantland Lebel 

Photo Credit: Alina Kalinina

Isabelle Scantland Lebel is benefitting from her passion for fitness. She recently graduated from human kinetics and is now entering her second year in the biopharmaceutical science program with a goal to apply for a masters in pharmacy.

She is a fitness junkie, but more importantly a fitness instructor on campus.

“I’ve been interested in fitness and health since about high school…I didn’t like team sports so I was a competitive swimmer— this is when I started training,” said Scantland Lebel.

Scantland Lebel wasn’t confident right from the start, but with time she developed skills for instructing.

“It’s related to my passion… at the start I wasn’t sure if I was going to be good at it,” she said. “Even if you have a lot of knowledge on fitness and health, it’s not only that —you need to be good at coaching, at entertaining people, there are a lot more qualities that you need.”

Scantland Lebel is the spokesperson for university students staying healthy and keeping fit. She believes she didn’t have enough education concerning healthy living in high school, and this is the time to get involved.

“We don’t have a good education in that field, they don’t teach you anything,” she said.  “They give you a soccer ball, go play soccer and that’s it.”

Scantland Lebel believes university is the perfect time for training and healthy eating.  That freshman fifteen sneaks up fast, so getting in the gym and getting a schedule set can only help.

Fitness classes are offered at the university all year round. They include boot camp, skipping, Zumba, and Pilates.

“Even though you’re still young, this is the time because you’re doing long hours of studying, so this is not necessarily good for your body, and not good for your mental health either,” said Scantland Lebel. “Exercise counters all these negative effects of being a student.”

For four years now, she’s been training at the U of O and Carleton, and she developed a passion she won’t let go of any time soon.

Unfortunately this semester, Scantland Lebel will be on the sub list at the U of O because of her busy schedule, but she will continue to be heavily involved in all the fundraisers and promotions that sports services puts on.

“It’s something I want to keep doing,” she said. “I can’t see myself teaching fifteen classes a day and my body wouldn’t follow either, but it’s something I want to keep on the side. I won’t drop it that’s for sure.”

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