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From the sidelines

FOR SOME, THE change in seasons means rummaging in your closet for a scarf or a hat, getting out your thick sweaters, and ensuring you always have cash on hand for a hot beverage. However, for sport fans at the U of O, it means something different altogether.

As soon as we see our own breath in the crisp November air, our minds switch to one thing and one thing only—hockey. But of course, the winter sport season offers so much more than that. Some teams will make their way to the Canadian Interuniversity Sport championships, while others will bear witness to their bitter end in the playoffs and others are just beginning their season in their respective conferences.

I’m sure you’ve all read our winter varsity previews (or at least I like to think you did), featuring the women’s volleyball team and the men’s and women’s basketball teams. The volleyball team is well on its way with a record of 4-1 so far, and the basketball teams will be starting their season this week.

Other teams are being forced to say goodbye. The football team just made their exit on Oct. 29 with a loss to Windsor. It was a disappointing day for Gees fans when the final clock struck zero and the score remained 50-33 on their first playoff game.

Although their season ended abruptly, they had a good run—they played with a good defensive line and their offence was strong. Their problem: Consistency. Our team was very good, but they lacked the chemistry necessary to play to their full potential every week.

The women’s rugby team will also be leaving the field with a record of 2-4 in the regular season. The team was full of confidence, but they weren’t able to compete with the other teams in the RSEQ, especially Laval—the team Ottawa was unfortunate enough to play against twice. The strength of the team can’t be denied, but again, consistency of play was lacking.

These two teams had so much potential, but they didn’t have the stamina to compete in the playoffs. The sports of rugby and football are demanding to say the least, and always fun to watch. But alas, we must say goodbye, and wish them better luck next year.

But never fear, sports fans—the women’s soccer team is on its way to the CIS championships and our hockey teams are holding strong. There are still lots of sports to watch, lots of Gees who need cheering. Let’s say our final farewell to the teams that have passed, and move on to show our support and pride in our winter varsity sports.

Katherine DeClerq

(613) 562-5931